A Discussion of Foot Diseases and Conditions

Our feet serve a very significant purpose in our lives. Not only do they bear the entire weight of the body, essentially they give us the freedom to move from one place to the other and run from any potential danger among other great things. However, owing to the fact that these very important organs are always put to task, they are prone to have a number of offending insults that make them prone to disease. The number of people treated for foot conditions yearly is quite significant. Although many common diseases affecting the foot are treatable, it is important to note that with few workable and reasonable adjustments, these conditions are actually avoidable.

The number of potentially harmful foot conditions vary from infections to trauma to inherited causes and so much more. Regardless of the cause of the foot condition, the fact that these are actually preventable, are the points that need to be emphasized. Some of the most common foot diseases include:

Fungal and Bacterial Infection

When you hear fungal infections on the foot Athlete’s foot is the first thing that comes to mind. Keeping your feet damp and wearing shoes most of the time giving the fungal spores a warm and humid environment to grow is the main cause of foot infections. The solution to such a problem once it has occurred is inclined towards getting topical antifungal medication. On the other hand, wiping your feet properly especially in between the toes is the best preventive measure in addition to frequently aerating your feet.

Corns and Calluses

These are hard and thickened parts of the foot that come about because of undue pressure and increased friction on your skin. Many times they are painless but it can be quite uncomfortable. To avoid such foot conditions, wearing well padded and fitting shoes is the best solution.

Ingrown nails

Nobody can be blamed for ingrowing nails. On the contrary, they can be quite painful and they need to be addressed. Cutting your nails properly can save you from the pain and for those who have a chronic problem, surgical excision can be an option. Simply consult your dermatologist.

Plantar Fascitis

This is also a common foot condition that is due to inflammation of the fibrous band at the base of the foot. Pain due to plantar fasciitis can be excruciating. Weight reduction can be one of the preventive measures.


At any one point in your life you will know a person or two with bunions on their feet. These are bony masses pointing outwards at the base of the big toe. There are a myriad of factors that can bring about bunions with the avoidable cause being not wearing proper fitting shoes. On the other hand, they can come about due to arthritis or they may be inherited.


Spurs are exaggerated bony prominences due to increased calcium deposits. As with all the other foot diseases there are underlying causes to spurs with calcaneal spurs being the most common. Being overweight, standing for too long and wearing badly fitting shoes are some of the common causes of spurs.


Human Pappiloma Virus is a notorious virus when it comes to causing warts. On the foot, plantar warts are common. They are painless and might even go unnoticed. Sometimes the warts can even disappear on their own but you can always get a medical consult when you have a wart or two on your feet.

Most of the diseases are common, however many people have asked and debated on whether or not it is possible to get Herpes infection on the foot. It might sound strange but indeed it is very possible to get herpetic sores on the foot. The scientific basis lies in the understanding that herpes viruses particularly HSV-1 is usually transmitted through contact. This means sharing of personal items like towels can actually make you get herpes on your feet. On the other hand, herpes viruses remain latent along nerves and they can travel from the genital region to the foot through what are called dermatomes. These are nerves supplying a particular area of the skin. With this in mind, it is not uncommon to have herpes on your foot.

With the basic knowledge in mind it is of utmost importance to learn that foot diseases are real, can be uncomfortable and pain but above all they are preventable. We recommend that if you have any of these conditions you consult a podiatrist. Some of the best experts in the field that deal with these issues can be found at http://podiatristtopekaks.com. Send them a message and schedule an appointment to discuss your foot condition.